Case Study

Low Team Performance

Working with a company’s sales team, the performance of the team was low and the turnover was high.

Low Team Performance
What Happened

A member of staff had not been dismissed during their probationary period, even though their work did not meet the standard required by the company. The Manager continued to work with them, suggesting alternative techniques and support but not tackling the performance issue head on.

How Thrived HR Helped

It was possible to dismiss the employee, providing a month’s pay in lieu of notice, since they had worked with the company for less than 2 years. However, keeping track of contractual probationary periods in future, and reminding managers to review their employees’ performance during this time, avoided further future unpleasant dismissals in lieu of notice.

Services We Used

With the BOOST service, if you are going through a recruitment drive, Thrive can onboard and support your new employees throughout the start of their journey with you to ensure they are integrated successfully into your teams.


By creating a solid, structured induction with a good introduction to an organisation, along with an initial training plan, review process and monthly manager check ins - supported by a Buddy system - reinforced the onboarding process, strengthening engagement, retention and reducing turnover, training and recruitment costs.

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