Case Study

Legal Needs Around Initial Employment

Working with a rapidly growing organisation, the Manager found themselves out of their depth with the legal needs around initial employment, HR operations and monitoring performance.

 Legal Needs Around Initial Employment
What Happened

Working alongside the Manager via regular meetings, the Right to Work, Contracts and Policies were reviewed, along with Job Descriptions and roles. Tools and procedures were put in place to monitor absence and record hours worked. 1:1 coaching with the Manager gave them the confidence to speak directly to their staff about performance issues.

How Thrived HR Helped

Thrive is able to identify risks and gaps, provide immediate advice and solutions, together with longer term strategic plans to reinforce the future of the business.

Services We Used

By partnering with Thrive, the GROW service can support you continually as your business goals and needs evolve and change.


The vision of the CEO is met, people strategy is aligned with business goals. The organisaton has coaching back up, should a people issue arise that they do not feel equipped to handle. Longer term operational requirements can be fulfilled. By taking preventative measures and acting with integrity, the organisation remains intact and compliant with the latest employment legislation.

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